Learning Management System

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Learning Management System(LMS)

Learning Management System


Learning Management System refers to the platform of technology that can be used for the delivery of training, courses, and development.

LMS provides the ability for users to search for details and their company’s internal networking simultaneously for information on training courses

Who uses an LMS

  • The business of all sizes
  • Government Agencies
  • Online and E-Learning
  • Educational institutions

Benefits of using LMS

Content Organisation

LMS stores all the information in one location so that the user or learner will not be able to get confused to find the correct information.

Learners friendly

Learning Management System is learner-friendly because the users can access online materials easily through mobile, tab and laptop

Tracking progress

LMS provides the ability for instructors to track the learning progress online and to calculate learners performance in the course the instructor can easily identify the difficulties that the learner is facing, while undergoing the course, to become more easy and reliable for users to understand the concept, the instructor will apply alternatives to courses if it is needed.

Cost and time-efficient

LMS is cost-effective because it helps both the instructor and learner to save money on stationery items transportation charges and hiring instructors.

How does the learning management system help?

It allows an organization to train a large number of students, learning and training is managed by LMS software and enables instructors and learners to access the course and reports easily.

How to create an e-learning course

You can import or write content from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, all those things you can do inside the LMS.

Features of an LMS

  • Automate administration.
  • Self-service, Learn yourself through LMS.
  • continuous  delivery of  content can be possible.
  • Ability to add multiple courses or users as it is scalable.
  • A lot of customization can be possible. For an e.g. theme
  • Multiple devices can access the content
  • It can create blogs within the LMS.

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