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About the Program

This is the second stage of the Chartered Accountancy curriculum wherein only working knowledge of core and allied subjects to accountancy profession is covered. The unique feature of the entire theoretical education of the Chartered Accountancy curriculum is the supportive and complementary practical training. A student would undergo theoretical education and three years of practical training compulsorily during the course of Chartered Accountancy. This balanced approach will help the students to appreciate the underlying practical applications of the theoretical education scheme. In order to develop a strong theoretical base, students are required to undergo eight months study course before appearing for the first time in the Intermediate Examination. Since proper understanding of the modern world necessitates knowledge of present day technology and skills. The students are imparted Four Weeks Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) before joining for the practical training. It is to be noted that such students can join practical training only after passing either or both Groups of Intermediate Course.

Intermediate Course registration is valid for 4 years and can be revalidated any number of times for further 4 years period by paying revalidation fee of Rs. 400/- or as decided by the Council from time to time.

Subjects & Marks

Paper-2Corporate and Other Laws 100
Part I: Company Law (60 Marks) 
Part II: Other Laws (40 Marks) 
Paper-3Cost and Management Accounting 100
Section A: Income-Tax Law (60 Marks) 
Section B: Indirect Taxes (40 Marks) 
Paper-5Advanced Accounting 100
Paper-6Auditing and Assurance 100
Paper-7Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management 100
Section A: Enterprise Information Systems (50 Marks) 
Section B: Strategic Management (50 Marks) 
Paper-8Financial Management & Economics for Finance100
Section A: Financial Management (60 Marks) 
Section B: Economics for Finance (40 Marks) 

Note : The subjects of Intermediate Course are classified into two groups which a student can study and appear in the examination group-wise or both the groups together.

Exam Registration Fees

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