BCA – Salary, Scope and Subjects

Best BCA colleges in Mangalore with placements

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BCA Salary, Scope and Subjects

Best BCA colleges in Mangalore with placements


BCA stands for Bachelor in Computer Application, it is an undergraduate 3 years degree course, Nowadays IT Industries in India growing rapidly and have created a lot of opportunities in the computer field. Students who have an interest in computer applications can go for this course to build a successful career. After the completion of BCA Course, students can pursue Masters degree in MCA (Masters in Computer Application) or MBA (Masters in Business Administrative) The BCA graduate can also go for short term courses such as Java, Sap, Oracle, MySQL, and Web Development, this is the perfect time to study and work at the same time, these courses are provided in affordable prices. You can find some of the best BCA colleges in Mangalore, they provide additional Web Development course certificate along with 3 years, BCA Degree, with 2 years of placement support.

Salary Package for BCA Graduates

Generally BCA graduates get paid   ₹12000 as a fresher, if graduated with MCA or MBA you can earn around  ₹25000 as a fresher.

Scope for BCA

There is a huge scope for BCA graduates, BCA graduates can get placed in reputed Companies, as  best bca colleges in Mangalore are providing placement support or you can go for the higher studies.

There is a option for self-employment too. One can do freelancing or developing their own software, if a graduate adapts certain skills in this field. There are many Multi-National Companies which provide jobs for BCA graduates, A graduate in this field will be able to hold a good position with the help of his own personal experience.

Subjects in BCA

First Year 

1st Semester

Fundamentals of Information Technology

Problem Solving using C

Computer Organization

Office Automation Lab

C Programming Lab

E1 : Internet Basics and


E2 : Cloud Computing

Foundation Language-1

Foundation language-2

Elective Foundation

EC and CC


2nd Semester

Basic Mathematics

Object Oriented programming

using C++

Database Concepts and

C++ Lab


E1 : Internet of Things

E2 : Big Data Analytics

E3 : Artificial Intelligence

Foundation Language-1

Foundation Language -2

Elective Foundation

EC and CC

Second Year


3rd Semester

Operating Systems and Linux

Data Structures

Visual Basic . NET Programming

Operating Systems and Data Structures Lab

VB. Net Lab

E1 : Hardware and PC Maintenance

E2 : Desktop Publishing

Foundation Language – 1

Foundation Language – 2

Elective Foundation

EC and CC



4th Semester

Computer Graphics and Animation

Java Programming

E1 : Data Mining


E3 : Business Statistics and Mathematics

Computer Graphics and Animation Lab

Java Lab

E1 : Fundamentals of ICT

E2 : E-Commerce

Foundation Lnguage-1

Foundation Language-2

Elective Foundation

EC and CC

Third Year


5th Semester

Software Engineering

Computer and Communication Networks

Distributed Computing

Web Technology

Python Programming

E1 : Accounting and Financial Management

E2 : Android Application Development

E3 : SciLab Programming

Web Application Lab

Python Programming Lab

E1 : AFM Lab /

E2 : AAD Lab /

E3 : SciLab



6th Semester


Network Security and Management

Software Testing

E1 : Programming for Analytics

E2 : Business Statistics with R

E3 : Multivariate Data Analysis

Project Work










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